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Event 2

Event 2:

Rx and masters 80+:




-squat snatch(75/55)

*ascending ladder starting at 3 and going up by 3

*alternate full rounds: partner 1 does full round of 3, then partner 2 does full round of 6, working partner must complete their full round before non working partner begins.



-weight is the same 
-hanging knee raises 

Masters 100+:
-squat snatch weight is 55/35lbs
-hanging knee raises




-t2b: athlete starts from hanging position, both feet must travel behind the athletes body to begin the rep, the rep is counted when both feet make contact with the bar at the same time.

-hanging knee raise: athlete starts in hanging position, both feet must travel behind athletes body to begin the rep. The rep is counted when both knees are higher then the hips at the same time.

-squat snatch: barbell starts on floor, athlete must snatch barbell overhead in one motion, while passing into a full squat ( hips lower then knees) and standing up with barbell overhead. Rep counted when athlete is in standing position with knees, hips and elbows locked out with barbell overhead.



-athlete 1 performs the round  of 3 while athlete 2 waits underneath the pull up bar. Once full round is complete athlete 2 begins the round of 6. Athletes can only switch when a full round is complete, sharing reps is not aloud. 



Score is total reps completed within the 10 minutes 

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